Cen Cal Riders

Est. 2018

We are just a group of guys from the 209 who share the same passion. We love being out on the road on two wheels. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike, what size or anything else we welcome everyone to join us! We see all motorcyclists as one big family. Does not matter if you’re a first-time rider or a seasoned track rider we all just love being on our bikes! We are here to bring people together in the Central Valley’s motorcycle community and all around. All activities are an open invite, we just expect you to treat everyone with respect both as people and on the road. Our main priority is keeping each other safe! Follow all road rules and treat other vehicles as well as other motorcycles with respect. We are always planning rides and riding to events/meet-ups, feel free to come and join us! Have fun, ride fast, and ride safe!